RIA & JON – 01.06.2023

Thank you to everyone at AG Planning and Castell Tamarit, we had the most unbelievable day. From the food to flowers and everything in between, they helped us work out every little detail, including things we didn’t even know we wanted.

The level of detail was incredible and the venue itself is absolutely stunning. Lots of our guests have said it was the best wedding they had ever been too. 

Nuria, we think you were great, from the 1st moment we met you to the very end, you made the whole journey a pleasure. Other guests mentioned how great you were. 

And to the other elements of the wedding, the food was amazing… if anything too much food J

The music / DJ / Saxophone / Spanish Trio – Was perfect, each adding a unique experience to the day. 

The waiting staff – They were exceptional, they were super attentive to all guests needs. 

The link with the flower shop and the flowers themselves – Were just perfect. 

We couldn’t speak highly enough of it and wish we could do it all again.

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