Tamarit Castle is an impressive construction located on the Costa Dorada of Catalonia, Spain. This enclave is strategically located on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean.

The history of Tamarit begins in the eleventh century, its territory passed through the hands of different lords until the thirteenth century. The urban area of Tamarit had two sectors: the village of Cerrada, a fortress with slender walls that protected the population in case of danger of corsair attack, and the Arrabal or Monte outside the enclosed area.

Inside you can find the parish church, the abbey, the houses of both lords and the church square. The entrances and exits were made through four portals. At present, only the Mora and La Cruz portals remain.

It was a key port within the Catalan territory, the dividing line between ‘Christian and Muslim’ Catalonia.

During the XVIII century and as a consequence of the war against the Napoleonics, the plundering and military occupations, the fevers caused by the stagnant waters, the lack of money… unchained the decadence of Tamarit.

In 1916, the American Charles Deering bought the ruins and restored them under the direction of the painter Ramón Casas, transforming the ruined site into an idyllic resting place.

This historic monument and prized architectural jewel reflects the rich history of the region of Catalonia. A magical place to celebrate any big event, combining the natural heritage of the surroundings with an imposing architecture.

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